How to Book:

Contact me with your name, location, portfolio/website, and concept. To help me better prepare and to get you on my calendar, please be prepared to pay a deposit and provide me with the following information:

  • Location

  • Date and Time

  • Duration

  • Participating parties (if applicable)

  • Concept description


Hourly rate: $100

Half Day (4 hours): $320

Model In Motion Tank Set-up starts at $1,000

Special rates will apply for extended shoots and locations that require more than 1 hour of travel.

Want to host an Underwater Photoshoot but don’t know where to start?

As an American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor and PADI Freedive Instructor, I have all the tools to help you create a safe environment for your clients. I arrive on site prior to the shoot with my own safety equipment and provide support and one-on-one safety instruction to each client throughout the shoot.

Shoot Safety Rates:

Hourly rate: $80

Half Day (4 hours): $300